• Visit a page

    Please select “Visit a page” goal type from dropdown and put your desired URL in the textbox next to it. Please make sure that URL contains Pii Testing Engine JS tracking code. When a user visits the specified URL, a conversion will be triggered.

  • Click this link

    Place the link URL that is your conversion URL. When a user clicks this link, a conversion will take place. You can get this link’s JS from step 4 where you can view your goals. You need to copy and paste that onto your button click or HREF value.

  • Trigger custom conversion at URL

    For example you want to convert a goal to an URL that has the word “actions” in it. You have to write that word in the text box and the goal will be converted to wherever you will have that word in the URL

  • Submits a form to

    Almost same as “click this link”. You have to place the forms submit link here and then you will get a JS from step 4 to place it onto your form submit. Whenever that form is submitted the JS is triggered and the conversion will be recorded.

  • Generate revenue at URL

    You have to place the URL along with revenue value. It can be a regular expression type URL also. eg. matches the expression ‘(.*)\/demo\/(.*)’.