To create an AB test in Pii, start by clicking on the Create Experiment tab and select “AB test” from the menu.  Then follow these simple four steps:

How to create A/B Test 

Step1: Enter the URL you want to test (e.g. and click on Create a Test button

Step2: The visual editor will load the design of the page you entered

Pii Testing Engine Visual Editor Menu 

Use the visual editor to create the new design for the page:

  1. Click on the “Add Element” button in the right bottom box to add/edit an element on the page.
    1. It will highlight the elements when you move the mouse over the elements.
    2. Choose the element you want to select by clicking left-click mouse button.
    3. It will give you several menu option to perform the change.
    4. You can Undo/Redo the changes by clicking on Undo/Redo button at the top.
    5. You have the elements change history showing on right bottom box under List of Elements heading. You can delete the specific element too.
    6. Once you have made the change(s), you can save the variation by entering the variation name and clicking the “Save” button in variation name holder bar under the Pii Testing Engine logo as Var 1 showing on above image.
  2. When you have all the changes you can click on blue “Proceed to Next Step” button at top.

    To delete the specific variation from the test, please check on How to Delete a Variation from A/B Test

Step 3: Enter the conversion goal for this test. Pii allows you to track several conversion goals such visiting a URL, clicking on a link, etc. To read more about How many type of Conversion Goal available in Test Engine & How to Setup page.

  1. Step 4: Review the test details. In this step you can set the test name, and download the Test code that you have to place on your website. When you are ready to launch the test, click on the “Launch the Test” button.

Pii Testing Engine Step 4