To create an MVT test in Pii, you either

  • Click on the Create Experiment tab and select “MVT test” from the menu
  • From the dashboard, enter the URL for the page you want to test then choose “MVT” from the Test Type dropdown menu.

Then follow these simple four steps:

Step 1: Type the URL and Choose MVT from Dropdown

Enter the URL in the text field (

Pii Testing Engine MVT Step 1 

Step 2: Visual Editor
Please note that the visual editor for MVT works little different than AB test. In MVT tests, we test multiple elements against each other.

What is element?
An element is a section you want to change on a webpage. In the example below, suppose we want to test two sections: Left Navigation and Title. Both are highlighted with red thick border. We consider these as elements in Pii Testing Engine.

Pii Testing Engine MVT Elements 

If you want to add an element, you click on the “Add Element” button in “Element and Variation” panel. 

The “Elements and Variation” panel

Pii Testing Engine MVT Variation Panel 

The “Elements and Variations” panel displays the different elements on a page, and the different variations for each of these elements.

  • You can add new variation for an element by clicking the “plus” icon at the right of the element name.
  • You can delete an element by clicking the “delete” icon at the right of the element name.
  • When you click a particular variation, menu option for that variation will show allowing you for more actions such as:
    • Change the variation name
    • Add/Edit CSS/JavaScript
    • Clone variation
    • Delete variation.

You are not limited to the changes listed in the menu options provided by Pii Testing Engine. You can go beyond the options provided by clicking on the “Add JavaScript/CSS” menu option. It will open up a popup with text area where you can write the JavaScript or CSS or add external JS/CSS file(s).

For each of the elements, you can perform any of the following actions:

  • Edit
  • Add
  • Move
  • Copy and Move
  • Remove
  • Hide
  • Change Style
  • Resize
  • Twist the object
  • Edit the image (if the element is an image)

Pii Testing Engine MVT Menu 

Once you have made the changes you can save all variation by clicking the “Save” button at top right corner underneath the Settings link as shown on image below.

Pii Testing Engine MVT Save Button 

Pii Testing Engine MVT Variations 

When you click on the “Save” button, Pii testing engine will generate all the variations by replacing different variables for each element.

Step 3: Enter the conversion goal for this test. Pii allows you to track several conversion goals such visiting a URL, clicking on a link, etc. To read more about How many type of Conversion Goal available in Test Engine & How to Setup page.

Step 4: Review the test details. In this step you can set the test name, and download the Test code that you have to place on your website. When you are ready to launch the test, click on the “Launch the Test” button.

Pii Testing Engine MVT Step 4